SC DVD Copier

SC DVD Copier 3.3

A small and easy to use application to backup your DVD collection
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This application is a useful way to copy your DVD movies and burn them to a new blank DVD in order to get a backup and protect your information. It works with two steps: Build and Burn.
It has a small and straightforward interface with two buttons that belong to each step. The first button starts a wizard to build the files for burning to dvd-r, everytime you start this process you will be prompted with a message that reminds you to make copies of your own DVDs for backup purposes only, and asks if you agree. The second button will Build A UDF Iso from the built files and then burn the file to DVD-R, DVD-RW, or DVD+RW.

Among its features you can find support for MPEG DVD format with “ifo” extension, building DVD files includes two half sides of the DVD movie, Supports Owner burning using the installed CD-DVD writer in your system and a specific speed, and Nero API burning, using the installed CD-DVD writer in your system. Both burning options can be run in test mode.

Its interface allows you to chose a language between English and Spanish, but spanish translation is really poor. Its graphics need work, and features are limited.

Daniel Verdesoto
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